Read and don't give up!

I just received this comment for the Pantry Suggestions page:

Your website is very informative. Thank you for all of your effort. I do have a conflict though. You suggest a Chicken Broth from Pacific Natural Foods. I checked the ingredients on their website and unfortunately they use Autolyzed Yeast Extract in their broth. This is another name for MSG.

I thought I would post the repy here, though, because it is important. Though Pacific Foods Chicken Broth does contain Autolyzed Yeast Extract, a big MSG ingredient, Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Broth does not. I have a box of the Organic in my fridge right now, so I checked immediately. This is a great example of my urging you to keep reading labels.
However, my mother still reacts to both of these, and makes her own broth from scratch (just boil a chicken, strain and save the broth). I do not react to either of these products, so I include them in these recipes, as this site is for finding convenience while avoiding harmful additives. I just cannot boil a chicken every time I need broth. I do get an almost immediate headache when I have a bowl of soup made with other broths, like Swanson. So I know, of the many products out there we use for convenience, this is a good one. Let your body tell you.
My mother also introduced me to Pacific Foods No Chicken Chicken Broth, a delicious vegetable broth she loves. Unfortunately, nobody sells it here in Cody. Look for it.
You can also always substitute water for recipes calling for chicken broth. You may need to season it a little more to taste. Of course, for gravy that would be gross, so try one of these products, or boil a chicken!
Thank you, Dee, for bringing that to my attention!

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