We Are What We Eat

I think I can best sum up my theory about how food affects our well-being by sharing with you my simple belief that our bodies were created for this earth, and that certain plants, minerals, and animals were created to sustain our bodies. The more we tamper with these basic foods, through processing and adding man-made chemicals, the harder our bodies have to work at figuring out what to do with stuff we aren’t programmed to ingest or digest or have coursing through our systems. As we eliminate these, our bodies can relax and say, “Oh, hey! I know just what to do with that.” And so they can operate at optimum performance. Which may be why my family has not worried so much about our weight since we have made this change. Our bodies are, after all, machines. Arguably, they are our most important machines. Shouldn’t we give priority to how we fuel them?

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