I am so excited about this blog! I have spent the last 2 years compiling favorite recipes, formulating new ones, and remaking them with a notebook and measuring spoons, trying to get them out of my head and down on paper. Then, 3 days ago, I made the decision to create this blog, so anyone can enjoy them, and maybe discover the benefits of Additive Avoidance eating.
I can't get the recipes on here fast enough. I have so many recipes I would like to share. I do have them all on a recipe program, but it takes about 10 minutes each to transfer them here, so I will be adding a few any chance I get. I will also be adding cooking tips and additive avoidance pointers. As I build up the recipe entries, just know that every time you check here, there will be something new to try! I was going to wait until I had more of a library, but I can't wait to start sharing! Please note that most of these are my own recipes, or my version of a favorite. If the recipes are from some other source, I give full credit in the notes with the recipe. Also, since I haven't been taking pictures of my food the last 2 years, I will be adding pictures to recipes as I go along, and keeping the camera in the kitchen. After all, I make these dishes, too! Eat and feel better!


wyomingerica said...

This is a really fun web sight. I will be visiting it often

Anonymous said...

As the recipient of almost all of the recipes listed here and, obviously not starving, I give my full-hearted approval to these recipes...Krista is a marvelous cook and creator in the kitchen and I have almost never been disappointed.
Not only are these delicious, they are made almost exclusively with non-boxed items.



Mara said...

This is so great, Kristi! I can't wait to try these--I have always loved your mom's cookbook and use it often. Thanks for this great blog!

Anonymous said...

Krista is one of my best high school friends. After so many years of knowing her, I can truly say that if her cooking is as amazing as she is, these recipes will be AMAZING! I'm excited to try them all. Thanks Krista for sharing!

Toni C. said...

Kristi!!! I am so excited about this blog! I've been thinking that a blog might be a good place to store my own favorite recipes... but you mentioned a recipe program that you have... would you share what you use to store and organize your recipes?

Jenny said...

Hey Krista,
What a gift to send out to everyone who stumbles across your blog. Thank you. I'm excited to try these recipes! I'll let you know which one are our family's favorites.

Jenny Webb (Jones)

Qpatches said...

KRISTA, THANK YOU so very much for all the work you have put into the recipes. I am discovering that I had/have FAR More problems with the additives than just the FOOD..I had tried to go VEGAN and was not working as was still having problems..so MAYBE THIS is answer, after reading the list of symtoms..sounds like half the things I COPE WITH.