Perfect Grilled Steaks

Any number of your preferred steak cuts.
Whole garlic cloves, minced. I use a stainless steel garlic press. You place the entire clove in the compartment, skin on, and squeeze. Too easy.
I place my steaks in a bowl and mince one clove of garlic per steak, adding it right on top of the meat. At this point, you may also add pepper. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
Then I rub. Each steak gets a massage of little grains of garlic. They smoosh into the grains and crevices of the meat. Not too hard. This is a relaxing, "finding your steak's chi" kind of rub.
Now is when I call my B to get the grill going, and I turn my attention to salads or sides or writing down a scene idea for the book I am working on.
When B gives me the thumbs up, he excitedly takes the meat away, and when he brings back the perfect steaks, we are ready to eat.
SO ready.

*A great trick to avoiding that garlic smell on your hands for the next three days: After handling garlic or onions, squirt a little drop of dish soap on hands and sprinkle liberally with salt. Rub hands and rinse. Salt is a base, and neutralizes the acids in the garlic and onions. Ta da!

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